Saturday, December 4, 2010

Started my black berry Salad stitch today.

This was just a double crochet on the largest hook I could find. My mom loves the softness and says they are warm even though there are a lot of big "air holes" and I have found this to be true too.. can't beat the softness. 

I am so excited I will be starting my 2nd afghan of the season A Blackberry Salad stitch... You can see the stitch by looking further on down my blog, if you would like to make one with me come on ahead and please post a picture in the comments for me!

I am not quite finished with my zig zag pattern but wanted to start a new pattern while I was home for the weekend and had to learn it quick. I usually spend all my nights sitting with my fiance' crocheting watching DVD's so I wanted to get the pattern down so I could snuggle while working on my project. I will post another picture of my zigzag when it was completed. If you are working on a project or have a yarn or crafty blog please share it in the comments.

I will post some pictures up soon of my latest project! 

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